India Gate

It is at the centre of Delhi , It commemorates the soldiers of the country who lost their lives . It has a lush green lawns which is a popular picnic spot . At India gate soldiers who lost their lives for mother country are remembered. At the walls of India Gate name of all the soldiers who gave their lives are written. It is a must visit place.

Iskson, Delhi

Located at east of kailash, iskcon temple is a must visit place. The place is for peace and mental satisfaction . One can know about Gita and Mahabharta as visual presentations of these two great History happenings are shown through Visual presentation. There are also many restaurants for people who want to have pure vegetarian food.


It consists of 13 architectural astronomy instruments. Primary purpose was to predict the time and movement of sun, moon and planets . Located in the vicinity of Connaught place .

Lotus Temple

It is a Bahai house of worship, notable for its flower like shape and is a prominent attraction of the city. The lotus temple has won numerous architectural awards and been featured in hundreds of newspapers and magazine articles.

Qutab –Minar

Qutab minar is a UNESCO world heritage site and is made of red sandstone and marble with heightof 72.5 metres, surrounded by several other ancient and medival structures and ruins.


It attracts around 70% of all tourists who visit the capita. This site is near banks of river Yamuna. Temple was built according to Vastu Shastra and Pancharatra shastra. It also features exhibitions on ancidents that occurred in the life of swaminarayan and it also showcases the history of India.


It houses a number of museums. It was constructed by Shah Jahan .Red fort is considered to represent the zenith of mughal creativity under shah jahan. It was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 2007.

Connaught Place

It is one of the largest financial, commercial and business centre in New Delhi. Attractions are central park, inner circle, outer circle, palika bazaar(underground bazaar),janpath market, Tibetan market, various dinning restaurants .