Q1) A new travel company is offering much cheaper fare then why should I buy from you?

Ans) Never trust a new travel company which is offering a ticket with difference of more than $10-15 as it may be a fake agency which comes up with unbelievable fares , it basically sells fake tickets and closes its phone lines and offices within short time period.(kindly google fake travel agencies cases for more details). On the other hand LFI is serving customers from more than 25 years now.

Q2) How much luggage is allowed for respective flights?

Ans) kindly ask the travel executive at the time of booking as different airlines has different standards of weight measurement.

Q3) Is there any difference between adult and child air travel fare?

Ans) Yes, child fares are always cheaper than adult fares.

Q4) How can I check my E- Reservation and flight Status?

Ans) A reference number is given on every ticket which is a unique identifier for each passenger, when one puts the same number at “check my booking status” at the respective airlines site then one can check all the details.

Q5) What documents do I need to carry to check-in for my flight? Do I have to carry the credit card that was used for making the payment?

Ans) It is mandatory to carry a government issued photo identification (ID) proof along with the E-Ticket copy. The same is verified by the airport security as well as the airline at the check in counter. On presenting your photo ID proof and E-Ticket copy, your boarding pass will be issued. For international flights, your passport is the only valid photo ID proof that will be accepted.

In case of an infant travelling, it is mandatory to carry the birth certificate of the infant along with the ticket.

It is not mandatory to carry the credit/debit card that was used to make the payment at the time of the booking.

Q6) What travel documents am I required to carry while undertaking international travel? Any other rules?

Ans) You require the following documents for International Travel:

  • Passport - Valid for at least 6 months from your travel date.
  • Visa - Valid visa for the country you are visiting. You will also require a Transit Visa if you are transiting for more than 12 hours. Please check Transit Visa rules for the country of transit.
  • Foreign Currency - It is not allowed to carry more than US$ 10,000 as a cash or travellers check.
  • Air Ticket - Confirmed return air ticket. A one-way air ticket will be accepted only for students or working professionals (Student Visa or Work Visa holders), as well as dependents of the working professionals.

Q7) What are the necessary identity proofs to be carried along with the e-ticket?

Ans) The ticket booked is not transferable and is valid only if one of the passengers booked on the ticket presents any of the five identity cards:

  • Voter identity card
  • Passport
  • Pan card
  • Driving license
  • Photo Id card of Central/State Government

Q8) What happens if I am not carrying a copy of my E-Ticket to the airport?

Ans) If you fail to carry a printout of your E-Ticket, you will need to go to the airline counter at the airport and request for an E-Ticket copy by providing the PNR number of your reservation. The PNR number ( You can find this unique number on the top of your E-ticket page .

Q9) Can I reserve a particular seat?

Ans) Yes, in most instances, you can reserve a particular seat, as long as it is available.

Q10) How do I arrange a wheelchair for my parents who are physically challenged?

Ans) Wheelchair request needs to be given at the time of booking or in advance to the date of travel. Most airlines offer it free of cost but a few carriers collect charges for same at the check-in counter. The wheelchair facility is available from the check-in counter at the time of departure till the exit of airport building upon arrival.

Q11) Why do you need my passport details?

Ans) Certain airlines have made it mandatory to feed passport details of a passenger in the reservation. That is why we require the customer to furnish us the passport details at the time of reservation.

Q12) Can I carry the photocopy of the required identity proofs?

Ans) No, you would need to produce the originals.