Research And Volunteering In Sri Lanka (Customize Your Tour)

Volunteering, community support, and social engagement are an integral part of the responsible tourism. Sri Lanka has been just recovering from the destructive Tsunami of 2004, where thousands of people had lost their lives; hundreds of thousand human and nonhuman beings were affected. The dramatic social, cultural as well as economic changes have occurred in Sri Lanka after Tsunami, where still large internal and external supports are needed to the ethic and indigenous community of the coastal area. It is the perfect opportunity and platform for the academicians looking for the internship, community voluntary and writing paper on disaster and recovery in Sri Lanka. Our team of non-residential Sri Lankan helps you to tailor particular travel package, opportunity to engage with local ethnic and indigenous community and learn their culture and support them.

For detail, please write us about your interest and area of expertise so that we can match the appropriate place for you.

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